Bank Holidays in September 2023: Check here to know Exact Dates

Banks Holidays in September 2023

While searching about Bank’s Holiday for a month, we came across various news about Bank’s holidays that gives us information about the same.

But most of the articles inform us that there will be 15 to 16 days holidays in banks for a given month but the truth is all together different. Holidays in banking system is defined by Reserver bank of India as well as State Govt in which the branch is situated.

How holidays are decided in bank

Every bank issues holiday calender for their offices/ branches statewise and as per NI act. NI Act is negotiable instrument Act which defined the conditions on which the bank branches can be closed or holidays can be declared.

Real Dates of Holidays in different States in Sep 2023

So to know more about the number of holidays in the month of September 2023, Let us look into the figure statewise.

State Name Holiday date in Sep
Andaman and Nicobar 28
Andhra Pradesh 6
Arunachal Pradesh
Assam 25
Bihar 6
Chandigarh 7
Chhattisgarh 7,28
Dadra and Nagar Haveli
Daman and Diu
Delhi 28
Goa 19,20
Gujarat 7,19,28
Haryana 6
Himachal Pradesh 7
Jammu and Kashmir 7,23,27,29
Jharkhand 7,28
Karnataka 18,28
Kerala 22,27
Lakshadweep 7,19,28
Madhya Pradesh
Maharashtra 19,28
Manipur 28
Meghalaya 7
Mizoram 28
Odisha 6,19,20
Puducherry 18,27
Punjab 7
Rajasthan 7
Sikkim 7,29
Tamil Nadu 6,17,28
Telangana 7,18,28
Uttar Pradesh 7,28
Uttarakhand 7,28
West Bengal


As you can see from above chart, every state has its holidays and so will be having good amount of days when banks are working and you can get your work done from the banks.

In Addition to this, banks are closed on each Sundays as well as on each Second and Forth Saturdays.

In case of a month where there are 5 Saturdays, the banks will be open on that day and you can visit branches for getting your work done.

Why bank’s Holidays doesnt effect us much nowdays

Being most of the banking on digital channel, even if banks are closed, we dont face much of the problem and all the necessary work we can do sitting at the comfort of our home.

Internet banking, Mobile Banking and bank’s call center are some examples from where we can do most of the work related to bank. Thanks to the technological advancement and digital amalagmation of banking with it.

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