Bank’s Internal Promotion Exam – Question Set for Preparation 2023-24

Bank’s Internal Promotion Exam | Question Set

Bank’s Internal Promotion Exam – Question Set for Preparation

Dear Candidates,

The internal Bank’s Promotion Exam process has started in Some of the banks. Banks are taking written exams for promotion in Scale 1 to Scale 5.

Every candidate strive hard to achieve maximum marks in written examination so that they can get edge over for interview. To prepare well for written exam, regular and consistent study as well as thorough revision is required.

To give you all a competitive edge, we are giving you set of Question Paper for preparation. Question set related to following topics will be provided to you for checking your preparation as well as practice.

Friends, when we study some topic and didn’t revise it, we forget them in a day or two. To memorize the concept, repeated revision of topic is necessary.

This free question paper set has been made keeping in mind to make you remember important points about a topic which can be asked in upcoming promotion exam. We would suggest to utilize this free question paper set in following way.

  1. After studying the topic, go through the questions and attempt it.
  2. If you are not knowing the answer, guess it and right option will be shown instantly with green background.
  3. This way you will know right answer instantly.
  4. Go through whole question bank of almost 50 questions and see your result.
  5. Don’t be de-motivated if score is less for the first time.
  6. Positive thing is that you have covered 50 important points about the topic.
  7. Attempt for the 2nd time and see the difference.
  8. And in 3rd attempt, you will be in position to score more than 95% and you will have good grasp of the topic.

Wishing you best of luck for your exams.

Topics Question Set
RBI Banking Regulations and NI Acts

 Part 1

Part 2


 Part 1

  Part 2

Type of Accounts, Garnishee Order etc Part 1

Part 2

Govt Sponsored Schemes Part 1

Part 2

Latest Banking Trends in India Part 1

Part 2

Financial Statement & Balance Sheet  Coming Soon..
Forex  Coming Soon..
KYC & Customer Services  Coming Soon..