Bank’s Promotion Exam – Question Set – Type of Accounts Part 2

Bank’s Promotion Exam – Question Set – Type of Accounts Part 2

Bank’s Promotion Exam- Free Question Set

We are giving you Part 2 of Type of Accounts.

Friends, when we study some topic and didn’t revise it, we forget them in a day or two. To memorize the concept, repeated revision of topic is necessary.

This free question paper set has been made keeping in mind to make you remember important points about a topic which can be asked in upcoming promotion exam. I would suggest to utilize this free question paper set in following way.

  1. After studying the topic, go through the questions and attempt it.
  2. If you are not knowing the answer, guess it and right option will be shown instantly with green background.
  3. This way you will know right answer instantly.
  4. Go through whole question bank of almost 50 questions and see your result.
  5. Don’t be de-motivated if score is less for the first time.
  6. Positive thing is that you have covered 50 important points about the topic.
  7. Attempt for the 2nd time and see the difference.
  8. And in 3rd attempt, you will be in position to score more than 95% and you will have good grasp of the topic.

Best Wishes…


#1. Documents relating to Company Accounts include

#2. A public Limited Company can have

#3. A Private Ltd. Co is a company which by its articles

#4. In India we do not have

#5. Minimum Number of Persons in Public Limited Company

#6. A certificate of incorporation is issued by:

#7. When the no. of directors in public limited company is more than ____, shareholders’ approval is required:

#8. For opening account in the name of a registered association bank should obtain

#9. In respect of unregistered associations

#10. What is the purpose of opening a current account?

#11. Who can open a current account?

#12. What does DEAF stand for

#13. Who can open a saving account?

#14. A Savings Fund as well as a Current Account would be treated as ‘Inoperative Account’ if there is no ‘Customer Induced Transaction’ for a continuous period of …... months

#15. While opening current account of a limited company the bank need not insist upon production of:

#16. What is the relationship of the customer with the banker when he is opening a Saving Fund Account.

#17. What is the relationship of the customer with the banker when he is availing a loan.

#18. Who is a banker?

#19. Banker is defined under______.

#20. On the opening of a deposit account, the relationship between Banker & Customer is

#21. While taking loan from the bank. The relationship between Banker & Customer is

#22. While carrying on standing instruction of a customer , bank acts as _______ , while the customer is Principal

#23. Bank is selling securities on behalf of the customer. In this case the banker customer relationship will be_____

#24. Whenever a customer tenders money but the instructions for the same yet to be received, bank will act as his_____

#25. A customer while visiting branch left some of his articles in the premises by mistake. Till the time he receives it back we will act as________of the Articles.

#26. As a banker we are selling/purchasing the securities/shares on behalf of customer, while carrying out the transaction we are acting as a ______ for customer.

#27. On assignment the relationship between Banker and customer is________.

#28. A customer has purchased a Draft from one of the branches, bank will be _______.

#29. While paying a draft bank will be acting as a ______

#30. What is the Banker- Customer relationship while bank is collecting Cheque on behalf of the customer?

#31. When a customer mortgages his/her property to bank he assumes the position of a _________.

#32. Bank assumes the position of _______in case of Pledge.

#33. What is the relationship of Bank and customer in case of Hypothecation of Goods?

#34. Bailor-bailee relationship is applicable in....................

#35. What is the relationship of the Bank when Collecting cheque on behalf of customer

#36. Under which Act, Disclosure to Incharge of Police Station relating to the customer can be given.

#37. ___________________ was laid down in the famous case Devayanas Vs. Noble states the rule of appropriation in running accounts like Cash Credit and Overdraft accounts.

#38. " The first debit in the account is considered to have been discharged or reduced by the first item in credit side and accordingly other entries follow suit in chronological order" This statement is true about

#39. Banker Customer relationship terminates upon a) Death b) Insolvency c) Imprisonment d)Lunacy e)Migration? Find the correct option

#40. It is to avoid application of which rule, the bankers stop operation of the account in case of death/insolvency of a partner/guarantor/joint account holder in running account like CC & OD.

#41. The duty of maintaining secrecy of customer's account comes to an end when ?

#42. A banker has a general lien over :

#43. Banker's right of lien can be exercised on ?

#44. Banker's general lien tantamounts to pledge because ?

#45. A partnership is a relationship

#46. Right of appropriation first rests with_____

#47. If joint account is opened with the instruction Former or Survivor, who can operate when both are alive

#48. In a joint Saving Account where only one person is authorised to operate the account, stop payment instruction can be issued by

#49. Shri Ram Prasad is a guarantor for a loan granted to Smt. Sita Devi. The bank can exercise right of set off against depsoit standing in name of guarantor ?



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