Bank’s Promotion Exam – Question Set – Type of Accounts Part 1

Bank’s Promotion Exam – Question Set – Type of Accounts Part 1

Bank’s Promotion Exam- Free Question Set

We are giving you Part 1 of Type of Accounts.

Friends, when we study some topic and didn’t revise it, we forget them in a day or two. To memorize the concept, repeated revision of topic is necessary.

This free question paper set has been made keeping in mind to make you remember important points about a topic which can be asked in upcoming promotion exam. I would suggest to utilize this free question paper set in following way.

  1. After studying the topic, go through the questions and attempt it.
  2. If you are not knowing the answer, guess it and right option will be shown instantly with green background.
  3. This way you will know right answer instantly.
  4. Go through whole question bank of almost 50 questions and see your result.
  5. Don’t be de-motivated if score is less for the first time.
  6. Positive thing is that you have covered 50 important points about the topic.
  7. Attempt for the 2nd time and see the difference.
  8. And in 3rd attempt, you will be in position to score more than 95% and you will have good grasp of the topic.

Best Wishes…


#1. Partnership can be among

#2. A company is

#3. Memorandum of Association means

#4. A hindu minor having a natural guardian or where court of ward is appointed attains majority on completion of ______

#5. The following in respect of accounts of Visually impaired person have to be branded with a Stamp " Blind Person "

#6. Minor aged 17 yers has requested for issue of cheque book in his self operated account. Tell the status of issuing of cheque book.

#7. If the sole trustee dies

#8. While issuing Cheque Book to Visually impaired person

#9. A minor who was admitted to the firm does not decide to become or not to become partner of firm within 6 months from date of attaining majority or from the date when he comes to know that he was admitted for benefits only whiche ever is later:

#10. Minor’s account can be opened in the guardianship of _____

#11. Unless the trust deed provides otherwise

#12. An illiterate customer in your branch who is maintaining a savings account request you to permit him to authorise his friend to operate his account:

#13. In respect of a Partnership Firm

#14. Two persons aged 21 years and 16 years approach your branch for opening current account under title of Ravi Bros of which they declare themselves to be partners. There are no other partners in the firm. In this case the branch:____?

#15. An illiterate requests for issue of a cheque book in his account with his spouse who is literate and the mode of opearation of the account is E/S.

#16. A Government Co. is a company where

#17. Who is guardian of a Minor

#18. Which type of bank account can be opened in the name of illiterate pardanashin woman ?

#19. Maximum Number of Partners in a firm could be

#20. An administrator is:

#21. What is meant by the word 'Executor'?

#22. Whether cheque book can be issued in accounts of Visually impaired person

#23. Signature of Pardanashin Women in the account opening form

#24. For opening Account of Pardanashin woman ?

#25. Dormant Company means a company formed

#26. Issuing Cheque Book to Visually Impaired persons

#27. The provisions governing a particular trust are given in

#28. Documents Required for opening Trust account

#29. Two or more minors if desirous of opening a bank account can open the account or not?

#30. A sleeping partner of a firm issues stop payment instructions. In this case bank:

#31. Karta of an HUF is going for a pilgrimage and wants to delegate authority to operate the account to a younger coparcener.Other coparceners object to this proposal. In this case:

#32. In the account of Illiterate person

#33. If an illiterate person open a joint account with a literate person whether a Cheque book can be issued ?

#34. The law relating to partnership firms is codified in

#35. Illiterate person are

#36. A minor (of Indian domicile)as defined in sec. 3 of

#37. While making the payment to a Visually Impaired person the payment:

#38. Whether a photograph of the purdanashin is required while opening account in her name?

#39. Select appropriate option A minor enters into agreement by himself as major and later on claims such a contract as void on account of his minority at the time of entering into contract. (case of Arooran Sugar Ltd. Vs State Bank of India)

#40. Who shall be natural guardian in case of married minor girl (Husband being Major)?

#41. A trust has 3 trustees they want to open a current account and insist that any one of them will operate the account. Under these circumstances bank will:

#42. Step Father and Step Mother can

#43. Customer is defined in ________________________.

#44. Joint Accounts in the name of two illiterates

#45. A trustee can raise a loan against the mortgage of property of the trust if

#46. A minor (of Indian domicile)as defined in sec. 3 of Indian Majority Act 1875 (amended wef 16 Dec 1999) is a person who has

#47. Legal Guardian is

#48. HUF account

#49. Pardanashin women can open ?


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