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Cyber Security/Cloud Computing – Is cyber security a good career?

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Cyber Security provides us protection from attacks on the Internet. It is an attempt to protect data on computers, servers, mobile devices and other electronic system networks. We will provide you complete information about Cyber Security and Cloud Computing in this post today. These words are not new to us today, but we have to understand them. What and how it works.

Cloud Computing

All the data is uploaded on the Internet. For that, we need a store, once such data is uploaded, you can use it from anywhere. Today Cloud Computing is one of the most popular technologies used by Internet users. The use of Cloud Computing is also increasing rapidly, we all use cloud-based applications somewhere.

Instead of uploading data to your internet with a local storage device, you store and access it on cloud-based storage, this gives you the highest speed. To store data in local computer storage, you have to depend on computer to use it, but in cloud computing we can use data and resources from anywhere. It is completely online. Today many companies are working in the market to provide cloud services. Which provides facilities for storing files and applications on remote server?

Examples of loud computing:

Try to understand cloud computing with the following examples –

Where do you use cloud computing like – Google drive, Dropbox, where you can store your photo videos and many other things in it. Along with this, Gmail and Facebook are also good examples of cloud computing, where you can easily access other people while sharing your data. Cloud Computing is able to provide us unlimited storage. We can manage it easily from anywhere.

Cyber Security

We have told you above about Cyber Security, there are many types like –

Network Security – In this type of security, many types of intruders practice computer networks. There are many types of targeted attackers and many opportunistic malware. All these are taken into network security.

Application security- There are many types of applications available for Android and computers today, whose security we call application security. It focuses on keeping all types of software and threats free. This type of security is used to provide access to data designed for application security.

Information Security – This is provided to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data in both the storage and transit that we do. This is done to protect our data from the reach of other people.

Operational security – The network is used to access all data and files from one place to another. For this, it is very important to have remote and Secure Operational Security. Such protection is taken under operational security. This protection determines the user’s permission, where you can store or share data through it.

Is cyber security a good career?

If you want to get involved with Cyber security, is cyber security a good career? We will provide you complete information about it. According to a cyber security study, between 2011 and 2017, the country saw a sudden increase of 457% in incidents related to cyber crime as per the IT Act. Which gives rise to great growth. It has been told in another study that in 2017, a cyber-crime was reported in India every 10 to 15 minutes. Therefore, we can understand how much people are needed in Cyber Security. In the coming time, most of the work will be done through the internet, in which a lot of people will be required, which will require cyber security related people to complete. So we can say that cyber security is a good career.

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