Does Your Computer Have a Virus

Does Your Computer Have a Virus? Here’s How to Check

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We have seen that viruses sometimes occur in Windows computers. Most of it comes into our system by downloading files through internet or due to some other malware. For this you have to check here whether the computer has a virus or not? We will tell you in today’s post that you have a virus in your computer? And how to check it.

How to Identify a Virus in a Computer?

The most difficult task is how to identify the virus in the computer. If there is a virus attack in your computer, then it can pose a security threat to data and personal information. Therefore, it should be identified with time. This can affect the performance of your computer. It can be very difficult to get rid of them. This can harm the computer in many ways. If there is a Virus Attack in your computer, then you have to see its solution.

Some common signs of computer virus

  • Your PC does not function properly.
  • Restarting on the go.
  • Saved file gets deleted.
  • Processor running slow.
  • Downloading unnecessary files.
  • Update interrupts

All these signs can tell you that some kind of virus has been detected in your computer. But we have to check it, for this we are going to tell you the process below. Malware actually requires scanning the PC. Without this you cannot see it. Sometimes malware also causes PC problems, so it is important to check it.

How to Check

  • To check the Virus in the Computer, you can adopt many types of processes. The most common process in this is to check by default. Windows 10 always scans your PC for malware with integrated Windows security applications. Through this you can check it.
  • For this on Windows 10, open the menu, type “Security” followed by the “Windows Security” shortcut. Here go to Settings> Updates and Security> Windows Security> Open and scan.
  • To perform an anti-malware scan, you click “Protection from viruses and threats“. This scan will begin.
  • In malware, you can use “Quick Scan” to scan. Windows will start a security scan and will give you quick results. It will offer to remove it from the PC automatically if any virus is found.
  • Built-in antivirus software is not available in Windows 7. So you have to download antivirus separately for this. Which can easily scan your system? For free antivirus, you can download Microsoft Security Essentials. For this you do not need any kind of payment.
  • You can use Safe Mode with Networking to protect the computer from viruses. It boots the computer. Most viruses attach themselves to startup services, safe mode only allows to scan essential startup services. So that you will be able to safely disable the infected program.

Removing a computer virus from a PC

  1. First of all download the virus scanner. It works in all types of Windows.
  2. Disconnect the internet.
  3. You have to reboot the computer in safe mode.
  4. Delete the temporary files found.
  5. Now run a virus scan on your system.
  6. Remove scanned viruses or repair them.

“In this way, you can check your computer and make it virus-free.”


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