The history,effects and remedies for ransomware

The history,effects and remedies for ransomware

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Today, many hackers hack your computer and your website in different ways. For this, they use computer viruses. We will tell you today in this post about a virus by which most of the computers around the world were hacked in 2017. This virus was called Ransomware.

The History Of Ransomware

You may have seen many types of viruses in the history of the internet but have not seen viruses like Ransomware. Ransomware was very powerful of Virus, which had captured many countries in 2017, which was reached in about 100 countries of the world. All the computers on which the virus had attacked and the files present in it had stopped working. It has been described as the world’s largest cyber attack. Its greatest impact was seen in the countries of Europe and the West. Its main target was to create a variety of problems in the Internet world and to affect its data.

Ransomware Virus Effects

Whenever it happens on your computer, it has a direct effect on your computer. Ransomware Virus stops working the computer. In which all the files of the computer are locked, you may also be asked to pay for it instead of opening it. You can delete the entire data of the computer, or your data is stolen. If you pay for it, then you will be given a key so that you will be able to open all the files and data on your computer.

Ransomware Virus also affects many software on your computer after coming into the computer, due to which it can stop working. Hackers can also hack your computer by sending you a spam link via email. It can also hack your computer through any third party website on your computer. It can hack your computer in many ways.

How to Recognize Ransomware Virus

When the Ransomware Virus attacks your computer, we are telling you ways to identify it. How does this affect your computer?


  • When the Ransomware virus attacks your computer, we are telling you ways to identify it. How does this affect your computer?
  • Ransomware uses many Advance Algorithms, so you attack your system files.
  • Can change the name of your save file.
  • Completely affects the data of your system.
  • It becomes difficult to increment the computer, we are not able to break the encryption.
  • It can encrypt all the files.
  • After Attack, they demand payment in the form of Bitcoin.
  • The computer is locked.

How to Protect Ransomware Attack

If we have to avoid this type of virus, we have to take some precautions for it. With this you can avoid many types of viruses and keep your computer safe.


  • Do not open an unknown email upon receiving it or check it before opening any link or attachment given in it, it may be a virus affected file.
  • The data should be accessed and downloaded from the trusted source.
  • Do not share any kind of information with anyone.
  • Do not submit personal information on unknown social media chats, most of your information is stolen from it.
  • Use a strong password in a computer or a file.
  • No message or phone call should be given sensitive information
  • Avoid or at least use public Wi-Fi.
  • Keep updating the system from time to time and use antivirus in it.
  • Firewall must be on the computer


Friends, we have provided you complete information about Ransomware Virus. Now you have understood that how this virus attaches to your computer and how you can avoid it. Ransomware as well as all other types of virus can be avoided through the information given by us. We have to take full care of cyber security using computers.


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