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Tips for Learning & Improving English Grammar

When we learn English, we run into a lot of confusing things when it comes to grammar. Often we don’t understand certain things that native English speakers say because they simply don’t exist in our native language.

But don’t despair!

In this article, you’ll find ten tips that can help you improve your knowledge of English grammar rules, and one bonus piece of advice about how to memorize verb tenses from YouTube teaching expert, Bob the Canadian. 

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Grammar is like a game. Some who are well-versed with the language learn grammar intuitively; some struggle with tenses, clauses, sentences, and so on. Below we put forward some effective ways to learn & improve English grammar.

1. Make a commitment

Learning English grammar needs a lot of motivation. Once you are ready to begin studying, stick by it until the end.

2. Keep a grammar book at your disposal

Keeping an English grammar book will allow you to revise what you have learnt in class, as well as force you to learn grammar as often as you can.

3. Utilise a grammar app

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. Make use of it. Download a dictionary app and a grammar app. You can use it while commuting or in your free time.

4. Practise everyday

One of the best ways to improve your grammar is to solve as many exercises as possible. Scots’ intensive English courseswill expose you and encourage you to use correct grammar through various upbeat and efficient activities. Your teacher will also help you determine some of the rules behind the grammar before confirming your answers and explaining in detail to you. Don’t forget to take notes during classes and do all your homework.

English grammar mastery also involves the acquisition of five critical skill sets (reading, thinking, listening, speaking, and writing). Seek every opportunity in your daily activities to practice these skills.

5. Use a Comma to Connect Two Ideas As One

FANBOYS are used when connecting two ideas as one in a single sentence but don’t forget the comma.

For example:

  • I do not walk Mary’s dog, nor do I wash him.
  • Mary fed her dog, and I drank tea.
  • Mary feeds and walks her dog every day, but the dog is still hyperactive.

6. Use a Serial Comma in a List

The serial, or Oxford, a comma is a controversial rule of grammar. Some want to eliminate it altogether while others just don’t know how to use it. The serial comma is the last comma in a list, usually appearing before “and.” The serial comma comes after “dog” in this sentence:

Commas separate units in a list. In the above case, each unit only has one part, so it’s easy. Where people get confused is when the units are bigger, but the rule still applies:

  • Pets R Us has lizards, dogs, and birds.

Notice that the serial comma comes before “and” but not the last “and” in the sentence. The “and” that follows the comma is only there because it sounds better. Grammatically, “and” is irrelevant. Only units matter.

  • Pets R Us has lizards and frogs, dogs and cats, and parakeets and macaws.

English grammar may not be your favorite part of English learning, but don’t be discouraged. Taking it step by step, one tip at a time, is how you become proficient in the language. In these 13 English grammar tips, we covered common errors that English learners encounter. Master those and you’ll become an English grammar pro in no time. Good luck!


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