What is Local SEO? SEO discovery

We are going to talk about local SEO or SEO discovery I gave you a brief idea that what local SEO is If we search on google that best lehenga at Chandni chowk. so google will give you some suggestion and the chances of conversion mostly happen from there only after ads why this happens because Google is giving the results so you also think that this is correct, and yo get a call to action over there you can directly call them, you can also click on the website link, you can read about them you get a lot of stuff over there.

So first, let’s understand that how to register on google my business you need to search on google that google my business registration open the page google my business and login into your Gmail account and fill the details of the company where is your company, where is your business these things are for shop owners.

example if your mom has a boutique so you can register that boutique also if you have any fast-food chain, bakery, and any other business you have.

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For example, if you have a very small departmental store, even you can register that too you have filled the details that this is your business and it’s your address and all after that it is written over there request pin click over there you will get pin within 15 to 20 days depending upon your location then add that pin into it and verify it and then your google my business page is ready if you don’t get pin so you can request also that you did not get it because of some issue of Indian postal services then they will try to send it again if still, you don’t get it then they have a new scheme in this you talk to them with video call and show them your office that you have this office this is the entry over here, board, etc basically it is required to verify you that your current business does exist or not so its a prevention method.

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So let’s suppose your google my business has been registered now you need to take care every time that what content you have to write over there your title and your intro line should be related to your product only let’s suppose I have to do SEO discovery for best sari at Chandni chowk so what you have to write in the description that we are the best sari manufacturer at Chandni chowk or you can also write that we are the best sari dealer at Chandni chowk now search dealers at google you get a lot of synonyms, use those synonyms and fill the content copy basically you have to give a message to google about your work and you need to make your website centric that you have the traffic of Chandni chowk now what you can do.

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you can have two websites one is for local SEO discovery and another one is for global SEO discovery in one website you are positioning your work and business and in another website you are working for local SEO if the person searching for Chandni chowk so your website link is on the top and this is not over yet I have discussed google my business only let’s talk about link building, it died actually.

If I talk about recent past SEO was very easy what we did in that we post the link you must have seen in the past that there are so many links present below the blogs and if you click on that link you reach somewhere else this happens in today’s world also but it very few google push it away, but you can use link building in local SEO discovery so how can you do that, all the B2B portals like IndiaMART, trade India, dial B2B.

Just dial and many more like that if you search it you get so many results in your business category register your business everywhere but be careful that everywhere your address should be the same means if I write a 445, – and then name further so you need to highly precise everywhere because google doesn’t know that what it is and all if the same address if everywhere so google will get the signal these all the sites are landing at the same address so finally it is correct so what you need to do is make your ID everywhere and then write your same story everywhere and all its not necessary that you everywhere talk about your local SEO discovery.

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If you talk about Chandni chowk and all you can do anything that if you wanna write content you don’t have to populate it so that you don’t stick in the google algorithm that you are working on Chandni chowk don’t do over you don’t have to concentrate it more than 3 percent what does that mean let suppose if have written 1000 words so Chandni chowk will not repeat more than 30 times now how can we search it whatever we are writing write in the MS word press control F and write Chandni chowk in the find and press enter then you can see how many times have you written that word so you can get an idea basically that how many times you used that word then divide it you get the percentage and that percentage should not go more than 3 percent.

So now what you can do we have also told the google that this is the scenario Google will also search on its own platform and it will get know the things and then he will also search on big portals and will get the same results and our website also has to indicate the same signals so our websites also produce the same signal now what you have to do in your website is that give the address in your home page and have a page or contact us now you have seen that contact us has written in the below of your page where you can find the address, mobile number, email ID and all and some websites has this on the top it depends on the structure of the website.

So what you have to do is that you have to put your address on your home page itself and if possible so put it at all the pages it doesn’t affect at all normal people will say that if you put it at every page it can affect but I am telling you it doesn’t after that one thing is there is schema code.

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What is the schema code? you can also search schema codes on google what you need to do you have to tell that you wrote a line on your website so you are telling Google that it’s your address where you get the option to list the products these are the products I am selling and its mine so basically, we have talked about 3 things over here First we registered our ID on google after that we register our business at several B2B sites and talked about our business over there and put a link of your website everywhere it is must and put your address also and make a format previously and do the copy past only but don’t do copy-paste of your content don’t write the same content everywhere.

If you put the same content so SEO will not happen so basically you have to try is that if you have registered on 10 sites so they must have an individual SEO.

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