What is VPN?(Virtual Private Network)

In today’s scenario, everybody has an internet connection, then you may have taken a connection from some company to some ISP (Internet Service Provider), maybe live Airtel Vodafone, or whatever you have, you took a connection from it to your home. If you want to visit google.com from your mobile, from which you can access the internet. Then if you want to visit google.com, you will type in your mobile or type google.com on your computer and after that what is the request will first go to the ISP requesting Airtel Vodafone.

Then your computer will send the request to the ISP, the ISP will now send you to the server of google.com Now what happens in this ISP Airtel Vodafone can do this Can block it in the middle, then tell me what do now here is the solution to use VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Now Suppose you have opened google.com and they have blocked, then the ISP will not allow access to the internet, will not let go to the server of google.com, it will stop it in between. What the college people do in our router, which is engaged in our collage, different torrent sites block them. What happens if you are running the internet in your collage, then your data will not be able to go outside the college.

For example, the government which is also blocked has blocked many torent and copyright sites in which we used to download a lot of movies. These ISPs have said that if you get the request for this domain or IP, then there is no need to block it,

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To see what happens VPS, there is a server, a server can say a computer that has some configuration inside it. What happens when you connect google.com, then you go to the ISP to go to google.com

But if you are using VPS (Virtual Private Service), then the data of google.com that it encrypts becomes a tunnel inception connection when your computer will send the request to your ISP means to Airtel Vodafone If the request comes, they will feel that you do not have to go to google.com, you have to go to the server of VPS, it may be in USA or Canada, But if you have kept VPS in India, then it is Indian. What is it that when your connection will go to their ISP, they will feel that man, you have to go to the USA, you have to go to Google.com a little.it will route you and will take you directly through the router to the USA

Now you have the server here in the USA. What we call the VPS (Virtual Private Service) server, what it will do, it will open the packet and in that, it will know that you have to go to google.com, then the connection from that server to google.com.It happens that the server that is there is in the USA, then the Indian government, whatever we have blocked by our Indian college, is not a block there. From there you can access the entire internet, so what the VPN (Virtual Private Network) does around it spoofs your connection

The government will not know which website you made the connection because your entire connection will go, it will go to that server first, then only the ISP will know that you have made a connection on that server. They shall not know that now that server has made a connection anywhere else.

How to setup VPN in your Mobile Phone

The Opera VPN is completely free and you don’t need to set up an account to use it. Opera VPN has a 256-bit encrypted VPN for security. it does not log user data. Since there are no accounts and it doesn’t log data, you can use it as much as you want.


It has 100 Million downloads on play store with an app rating 4.6 The service is free, unlimited, and with no subscription and fees. If you like this VPN service by opera then click the like button below let’s look at its features With Opera’s VPN turned on, your IP address will be replaced with a virtual one, making it harder for websites to track your location and identify your computer.

Many tracking cookies will also be blocked. if you type shows me my location in google search you can see that it is showing a virtual location. You can change these locations in the setting by choosing a different server. This will change your virtual location toa different country. The opera browser has built-in VPN which means you do not have to add an extension to it. Surfing on free public Wi-Fi in the railway stations, airports, cafes, and event venues is a treat.

Using a VPN service protects your data in a shared network. you can Use private tabs to go incognito anywhere on the Internet without leaving a trace on your device. You can switch private and normal browsing in the tab gallery. This way you can enhance your privacy protection. let us see how to enable opera VPN in the browser. first, launch the Opera browser. Tap on the Opera icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Select settings from the menu.

vpn setting

Turn on the VPN toggle switch. Your VPN is turned on now. If you click on the VPN option then it will open the advanced VPN setting of opera. If you want to use opera VPN only for the private tab then checkmark this option. if you want to use opera VPN for both normal tab and private tab then uncheck this option. For maximum, privacy browses in the private tab option of the Opera browser.

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The next option is the virtual location. This option helps you change your virtual location from an optimal location to America, Europe, and Asia. If you choose the virtual location of some other country then search results in Google will change too. So if you want to get relevant google search results then click on Bypass VPN For Search option. Opera VPN is completely free and does not have any bandwidth limits.

At any moment if you want to deactivate VPN then you can do so by clicking the opera icon at the bottom. Then tap on settings. and then click on the VPN toggle switch. this will close the VPN and you can surf the internet normally.

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