Whatsapp Vs Signal Vs Telegram

Privacy Insight: Whatsapp Vs Signal Vs Telegram

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We all use the popular social messaging apps Whatsapp and Telegram. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is being liked among people for a long time today. However, its latest privacy policy updates have created some controversy. In which many people around the world have started switching to other platforms. But in this regard recently, WhatsApp postponed its new privacy terms for some time.

Whatsapp Vs Signal Vs Telegram

Internet users know how their data is being used. Everyone wants to keep their personal data safe today. But at the moment some applications work in such a way that your data is not safe. We will tell you about some of their privacy here. The first application was purely based on the facilities provided by them, but today people have become aware about data security.

Privacy Insight: WhatsApp

By default, WhatsApp provides you with features for personal and group chat. It uses open-source signal protocol for end-to-end encryption. By which the sender and receiver can read the messages being exchanged.


WhatsApp private Group chat links appeared in Google search and gave anyone a place to join the group, check the participants and their phone numbers. Inside it you also get to see some loopholes. If a user is running a business account for himself, then these chat businesses are visible to all people. In such a situation, the business strategy has an impact.

WhatsApp runs your application through third-party service. So that the messages you are sending can be analyzed by third-party and stored for future marketing.

Privacy Insight: Signal

Signal is also a social platform application that works like Whatsapp. In this, you can do all those things, then you get it in Whatsapp. Such as stickers and emojis, videos, etc. are available in it. Its way of working is also like Whatsapp. It has a “missing message” feature for extra privacy, like WhatsApp, along with being encrypted end-to-end. In which if you have sent any wrong msg, then you can delete it for some time. The major difference between Whatsapp and signal is that each app is funded.


You do not see any discrepancies in it. The promotion is ignored in the app, and there are still no features of any kind of business accounts or related models. Which does not violate your privacy, it has not updated any of your privacy features.

Privacy Insight: Telegram

Telegram is widely used by the youth of today. By this, chats are not encrypted end-to-end. Talking about Telegram, Telegram saves your conversations in encrypted format. No third party works in this. But if Telegram wants, they can read your sent and received messages.

If you want to make sure that conversations are encrypted end-to-end, then the option of Chat Secret Chats’ needs to be enabled.


  • The –Telegram Secret Chats option does not encrypt group chat. It encrypts one-on-one chat conversations. Group chats in Telegram are not secure.
  • You use Telegram on Android. This desktop client does not support encryption on any platform other than MacOS.

Conclusion –

We have told you about the privacy of all the three applications. If we talk about whatsapp, then you do not need to leave it. The change in the privacy of this year has just been postponed. Nothing has changed in it right now. You can run WhatsApp and Signal application in parallel. Currently, all three applications are more secure than others.


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