We have provided all the information about White Hat and Black Hat Hackers.

White Hat and Black Hat Hackers: who are they?

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In the world of Cyber Security, you must have heard the name of White Hat and Black Hat Hackers. Today in this post you will tell about these two in detail. There is a difference in the work of both White Hat and Black Hat Hackers. It can perform its work from many people, it is not necessary to have a fixed place for them. Could it be on other continents along with their country?

Who is a Hacker

First of all, we understand Hacker, after that we will tell how many types it is. A hacker is a person who discovers the weaknesses of the network through the Internet on a computer system, and attacks and causes damage. Along with data on computer security, hackers are usually skilled computer programmers. The hackers are divided into 3 stages according to their functions, it mainly consists of 2. Which can be classified in this way?

  • Black Hat Hacker
  • White Hat Hacker
  • Gray hat hacker

White Hat and Black Hat Hackers

We will tell you how they differ from real hackers. What do white hat hackers do, and what do black hat hackers do, when you understand the work of both of them, then you can identify them.

In simple words, white hat hackers help protect against attacks on the Internet. In the same way, black hat hackers are responsible for these attacks. White Hat Hackers use their skills, and help provide security. Work to find security vulnerabilities to fix them before attacks. In the same way, Black Hat Hackers Attack to steal data or compromise the system by affecting the functioning of the Internet. This is their identity in the Internet world, in many of us we are saved from them and in some we are not able to survive.

Black Hat Hacker

Black-hat hackers are classified as an unethical hacker. It is known as a Security Cracker. Such hackers find out the weaknesses of computer systems and networks and hack our system. These people harm our data and organization for their own benefit. They search the website of the institution with weak security banks or banks, and they cause us financial loss. Black Hat Hacker can hack our important data and delete the user. Black Hat Hacking is illegal, and legal action is taken against it. Punitive action is taken if found to commit such a crime.

White hat hacker

White Hat Hackers are also called Ethical Hackers in other words. It does not harm us in any way, white hat hackers do not pose any threat to any person and organization. These Black Hat Hackers protect our system from hacking. Today white hat hackers are considered to be the best tech industry in the world. In this, you can make your future; today many people hire a white hat hacker for such activities.

White hat hackers also hack the system to check the security of the website, but they can only hack the sites for which they are allowed. They mostly focus on security and security of IT system. Such hackers are also used to protect the security techniques of the country. White Hat Hacking is not considered a legal offense.

Final Word –

We have provided all the information about White Hat and Black Hat Hackers. Now you must understand what the difference between these two is and how they work. If you also want to do this work, then you must understand the difference, after that learn this kind of work.



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