How to Register in PNB One Biz App

PNB One Biz App: How to Register

PNB One Biz App: PNB, one of the largest Nationalized Bank of India has informed their customer that bank is coming out with its Corporate Mobile Banking services soon with name of PNB One Biz App.

PNB One Biz App will be boon to corporate customers as there is no app at present with corporate customers of PNB where they can do their daily transactions or view their details.


PNB One Biz App will be a booster in bank’s app usage as customers were eagerly waiting for getting such app where they can view details and do transactions.

Current Status:

Currently PNB bank provide its Retail customers with their Flagship app PNB One where there are more than 250 activities which can be performed online through Mobile banking app PNB One.

For Corporate or SME customers, currently there is only Internet Banking facility which is itself very cumbersome to register and use. Various issues were there like getting registered for Corporate IBS and for doing transactions, lot of steps were involved in that.


As per bank, features or benefits of PNB One Biz App will be:

  1. It will be convenient to on board as it will be self onboarding for proprietor using debit card.
  2. User can choose the profile as single user of multi user.
  3. Omni channel experience as per existing Corporate IBS.
  4. No need to visit any more for Corporate customers.

Benefits of PNB One Biz App:

As informed earlier that currently there is no Corporate mobile for PNB customers and only PNB One exists for Retail customers, introduction of PNB One Biz App will prove to be of great benefit to lakhs of corporate customers of PNB bank.


  • Banking anywhere: Using PNB One Biz App, Corporate customer will be able to do banking on the go. Currently only IBS was available which was compatible with desktop or laptop but not very convenient on mobile.
  • Multi/ Single user option: It means user will have option to work with single user or select multiple users based on the business profiles. For e.g. If a user is proprietor then only single user will do all the transactions and hence single user in PNB One Biz App will suffice but in case of large institutions, there will be hierarchy which can do transactions through bank account. In such case, one user will enter the details and other will verify as per the hierarchy of the said institution. 
  • Easy Registration: As per bank’s information, the registration will be easy for proprietor firm and they can onboard using debit card issued against their account number.


How to Register for PNB One Biz App

Bank is currently registering users for PNB One Biz App through their website. Banks has given link to get the user registered for checking the PNB One Biz App.

So if you are PNB corporate customers and eagerly waiting for PNB One Biz app, you must register to the app. 

Here are the steps given below to get register for the upcoming app.

  1. Visit PNB India Website.
  2. Currently the link is scrolling on the main page with heading as “PNB One Biz”
  3. Click on it and you will be directed to Register Page.
  4. On Registration page, you need to enter your name and account number if your are existing customer of PNB.
  5. In case you are new to Bank, you can enter your name and mobile number to register.

PNB One biz app register2


Although most of the banks have already corporate mobile banking application with them but PNB has just informed that they are going to launch the product.

It is already very late on behalf of bank like PNB but it is a welcome step for corporate customer of PNB.

All corporate customers are eagerly waiting for the launch of the app PNB One Biz App and will be delighted to use it. 

All are having great expectation from the corporate app and wish it will provide all the facilities and prove to be a boon to customers of PNB.

To get register for this you may visit the page of registration.

For details of PNB One TPIN Reset or generation you may refer to the link.

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