What is TPIN in PNB | Best guide to set TPIN in PNB – 2023

What is TPIN in PNB (पी एन बी में TPIN क्या होता है|)

What is TPIN in PNB. How to reset/ set TPIN? What are the ways to reset/set TPIN In PNB? Step by Step guide to set TPIN in PNB. Best Guide to Set TPIN in PNB-2023.

PNB being one of the largest public sector bank always strive to provide banking services conveniently through Digital Banking.

In order to provide customer more comfort and ease in doing transactions through their Mobile banking app PNB One,   have come out with unique solution of replacing transaction password of Mobile banking with TPIN.

This TPIN will be 4 digit numeric code known to user which he will use to transact using PNB One and do the transaction. The user will get ease in completing their transaction by entering only 4 digit TPIN in PNB instead of transaction password which he/she has to remember in order to do any transaction. TPIN in PNB is alternate to transaction password and easy to use and remember.

How to reset/ set TPIN? What are the ways to reset/set TPIN In PNB? What is TPIN in PNB.

If you are using PNB One app of PNB, you will have to set your TPIN through the app.

How to Set/ Reset TPIN in PNB One app:

User can be set/reset TPIN by following three options:

1. If you are new user, PNB One app will prompt to set TPIN during registration.

2. If your are existing user, TPIN can be Set or Reset by navigating as My Profile -> Set/Reset TPIN Menu. Below mentioned are 4 modes available to authorize TPIN creation request:

  • Using Debit card details
  • Using Transaction Password
  • Using Aadhaar OTP
  • By visiting Branch.

A. Process of TPIN in PNB One Generation for New User:

1. TPIN Generation through Branch (Offline Mode):

If user don’t have Debit card or transaction password or can’t use Aadhar OTP, you have to go to branch and follow following steps:

  • Login into PNB One
  • Go to My Profile Menu – > Set TPIN through Branch
  • Enter OTP received on registered mobile number
  • Enter new TPIN and confirm TPIN
  • After Click Submit button a Reference Number will be generated. One SMS of Reference ID will also be sent to registered mobile number.
  • After generation of reference number, customer needs to submit request to branch quoting the reference number for verification.
  • Branch will verify the Reference number in ADCREQ menu after proper due diligence of customer.
  • After verification TPIN will be activated and user can perform transaction from PNB One

2. TPIN Generation through Debit Card/ Aadhar OTP/ Transaction Pwd (Online Mode)

User has to Download PNB ONE app through Google Play Store/Apple App Store.

Click on “New User” and register with process as mentioned below:

a) Registration with Debit Card: User enters account number and selects Registration channel & Preferred mode of operation. After validating the request with OTP sent on RMN, user is prompted to enter 16-digit debit card number and PIN. Once all details will be validated, system will prompt user to set TPIN.

Note: In case user selects registration channel as both MBS and IBS then user will be prompted to set login/transaction password as well along with TPIN.

b) Registration without Debit Card: For registration without Debit Card, user enters Account number, Date of Birth, PAN Card or One of OVDs (Adhaar Card, Voter ID, Passport Number & Driving License) After validation of above details, OTP will be sent on RMN. User has to answer 2 security questions out of 4 displayed on screen. Once all details will be validated, system will prompt user to set TPIN.

B. Set/Reset TPIN Process for existing PNB One user

  • User will Login to PNB ONE.
  • User will be prompted to Set TPIN by navigating as My Profile -> Set/Reset TPIN. Below mentioned are 4 modes available to authorize TPIN creation request:

a) Set TPIN through Debit card: User has to select account number and linked debit card from drop down and enters debit card PIN. After successful validation of Account Number & debit Card details, OTP will be sent to RMN. After successful OTP validation user will be prompted to Set/Reset TPIN.

b) Set TPIN through transaction password: User will enter existing transaction password and OTP sent on RMN. After successful validation user has to provide TPIN to be set and confirm the same.

c) Set TPIN through Branch: User will enter OTP received at his mobile and submit to get reference number which he will tell to branch on his visit.

d) Set TPIN through Aadhar OTP: User will enter details of his/ her Aadhar and OTP based verification will be done. After this, user will be able to reset/ set TPIN.

How is MPIN differs from TPIN in PNB One?

MPIN and TPIN both are 4 digit numeric password for PNB One but both are used for separate purposes:

  1. MPIN is used for logging in PNB One App and it can be set/ reset using Trouble Signing in-> Forgot MPIN-> Enter OTP-> Set New MPIN
  2. TPIN is used for carrying out transactions in PNB One App. TPIN can be set by three methods as mentioned above.
  3. By Aadhar OTP
  4. By Debit Card Details
  5. By Transaction Password.
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in Next blog, we will learn about TPIN Usage in PNB mobile Banking app.

For details you may refer TPIN information at banks site.



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