How to Apply PNB International Debit Card 2023

PNB International Debit Card Apply process/ Charges/ Limit

We will see here how to Apply PNB International Debit Card, its charges, eligibility, Transaction limits and other features of PNB International Debit Card. Bank provides the PNB International Debit Card for customers who frequently visit outside India for various purposes like businesses, education, vacation trip or any other purpose.


As the name suggests, PNB has launched the card for international usage of their customers and customers can apply for an International Debit Card through their branches. Normal Domestic cards are also present at branch and can be applied at branch for domestic purpose. Detailed procedure for application & specification of domestic cards are given in related article.

So if you are planning to go abroad for any purpose and avail this facility from PNB bank, you may visit your branch and apply for PNB International Debit Card.

pnb international debit card

How to Apply PNB International Debit Card:

  • For Applying International Debit Card, customer has to make request at branch in which he/ she maintains the account.
  • Branch will take the request and process the same.
  • This is to ensure that account should be KYC compliant and other details are properly filled in the Debit Card form.
  • The card will be dispatched at customer’s address with name embossed on it i.e. it will be a personalized card.

Transactions limits of PNB International Debit Card:

Let us know the transaction limits of PNB International Debit Card

  • Rs. 1,00,000 at ATMS for cash withdrawal.
  • Rs. 3,00,000 at POS/ E- Commerce 

Benefits of Using PNB International Debit Card:

PNB International Debit card comes with personal accidental insurance upto the amount of Rs. 2 Lacs for Personal Accidental Death and for Permanent total disability this amount is also Rs. 2 Lakhs.

PNB International Debit card also offer Longue services free of cost. With Rupay Platinum Debit card, you can avail Longue services at Domestic Airport  as per the list 

PNB International Debit Card Charges:

The different charges for the international debit card charges as follows:

  • Issuance charges: Rs. 250.00
  • Extra add on charge: Rs. 250.00
  • Annual Charges: Rs. 250.0


Other transactional charges for International Debit Card are:

Balance Enquiry at ATMs Rs.25/-
ATM cash withdrawal transactions Sr. No. Network Card Type Transaction Charges
1 PNB<> Druk Bank (Bhutan) All PNB international Debit cards At Druk bank ATMs

Cash withdrawal: Rs. 12/- (plus taxes)

Balance Enquiry: Rs.2/- (plus taxes)

2 PNB <-> RMA Bhutan (Royal Monitory Authority Bhutan) PNB Rupay International Debit Cards For all ATMs in Bhutan other than Druk bank ATMs.

Cash withdrawal: Rs.50/- (plus taxes).

Balance Enquiry: Rs. 10/- (plus taxes).

3 PNB <-> EBL Nepal All PNB International Debit Cards At EBL ATMs

Cash withdrawal – Rs.50/- (flat)

X`Balance Enquiry – Rs.15/- (flat)

4 PNB <-> All other transactions All PNB International Debit Cards Rs.150/- (flat). Apart from this, customer is charges by the acquiring bank which is not fixed and ranges from country to country. It is typically between 2-4% of transaction amount.
Point of Sale (PoS) / e-Com Transactions 3% of transaction amount


Charges for International Transactions at ATMs for international debit card are as follows:

  • ATM CASH withdrawal: Rs. 150 per transaction.
  • Non financial transaction: Rs. 30 per transaction.


In this article, we have given details of PNB international Debit card with process of application, Its charges and withdrawal limit and benefits.

I am sure the article would help you to gain insight into the card type and usage. Details of the PNB International debit card are also available in given link.

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Q1. Can I apply PNB international Debit Card Online?

Ans: No, the PNB International Debit Card can be applied only at branch level.

Q2. How many days will it take to deliver the card to my address?

Ans: It takes almost 7-8 days to deliver the card at the address registered at Banks record.

Q3. Which type of card be applied for PNB International Debit card?

Ans: Rupay International Debit Card will be issued for PNB Customers.



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