How to check PNB Debit Card EMI (DCEMI) eligibility

How to check PNB Debit Card EMI (DCEMI) eligibility

Punjab National bank is one of the leading bank of India and has given its customers a great offer of PNB Insta Debit Card EMI. You can check PNB Debit Card EMI eligibility and apply for EMI after purchasing through your PNB Debit Card.

In this article, we will let you know that how to check PNB Debit Card EMI eligibility through your mobile and then you can shop and convert the purchasing into easy EMI options available in PNB Instant DC EMI product.

Introduction: PNB Debit Card EMI (DCEMI)

Nowadays every bank is giving its customer the facility of converting the purchase done through POS (point of sale). PNB has also given such scheme for their customer who do not have credit card but want to avail the facility of EMI. This PNB DCEMI (Debit Card Instant EMI) facility is an instant personal loan given to customers when they do the purchasing at retail stores.

Customers have the option to convert the purchase into instant EMI having repayment period from 3 months to 24 months depending upon his choice and bank’s guidelines.

Bank has done tie up with PINE lab for converting the purchasing done at their POS to EMI based upon customers choice.

How to check Eligibility of DCEMI offer given by PNB

If you want to avail the features of DCEMI facility extended by PNB, you can check whether your account is eligible for DCEMI facility or not.

For this, you simply have to send message to 5607040 from your registered number in given format:

  • DCEMI <space><Last 4 digit of your debit card no>  

Bank will give you instant message reply that your account is eligible or not.

If you are eligible for DCEMI, you can do the purchasing through POS machines of M/s Pine Lab and convert the same into EMI.

What is the maximum amount which can be converted into DCEMI (PNB)

The minimum and maximum amount for this scheme is Rs. 5000 and Rs. 100000 respectively.

Flexible period upto which the instalment can be made is 3/6/9/12/18/24 months.

Rate of interest in such type of loans is very high so it is advisable to do the shopping carefully and convert the amount in EMI as interest rate is upto 17.25%

Due to easy process and no documentation and processing fees, it is an easy option for customers to get instant loan while doing purchasing and paying in easy installment.

Steps to carry out for converting the purchase to DCEMI through POS

  1. Customer swipes PNB debit card on POS Machine with whom Bank has tie up arrangement at merchant store
  2.  Select – BANK EMI
  3.  Enters – Amount – repayment tenure
  4.  POS machine check if customer is eligible
  5.  If eligible, customer enters PIN and Presses OK
  6.  Loan Amount is booked and success message is received by POS
  7.  Charge Slip containing Terms & Conditions of Loan is printed.


Precautions to be taken before taking PNB Debit Card EMI.

  1. As the interest rate in EMI of Debit card purchasing is very high, it is advisable to take the facility in case of urgent need and not to take on regular basis.
  2. After taking the PNB Debit Card EMI facility, ensure that all loan installment is paid on timely basis as non- repayment or irregularity in payment will effect your CIBIL score.
  3. The PNB Debit Card EMI is equivalent to a loan extended to you which should be repaid in tenure selected by you.
  4. Ensure that charges mentioned as per bank’s policy has been deducted from your account and no other charges are made by the bank from your saving account.
  5. Take proper statement of account every month from the bank to avoid overcharging or wrong charging of interest in your account.
  6. On fulfillment of all the installment, check your cibil score that the account has been closed in your record.



Friends, here we have explored the options of checking the eligibility of PNB DC EMI facility extended by PNB Bank to its customer. You will have to check respective offers available in PNB website before making any purchase.

Bank has taken various initiatives to provide its customers a facility of EMI through online purchase also.  If you don’t yet have debit card of PNB, you can Apply Online for PNB Debit Card.


Q1. What is the pnb debit card emi eligibility check number?

  • You can send the SMS  DCEMI<space><last 4 digit debit card no> to 5607040. from your registered mobile no.

Q2. Whether the EMI facility is available in Flipkart and Amazon

  • PNB DCEMI facility is available in Flipkart and Amazon but you have to check the offer available at the time of purchase as bank do tie up with vendors for fixed periods.

Q3. What are pnb debit card emi option available in terms of period?

  • The EMI can be converted into 3/6/9/12/18/24 months as per customers need and Bank’s Terms & Conditions.


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