10000 loan on Aadhar Card | Easy loan on Aadhar Card

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10000 loan on Aadhar card

Whenever we are urgent need of money, first idea comes to our mind to get the personal loan from any of the NBFCs or banks. But taking personal loan from a public sector bank is cumbersome nowadays and they do much of the formality and we don’t want to do so much documentation and formality to get small amount of loans like Amount of Rs. 10000.

So to overcome this problem, we are going to tell you about taking loan of Rs. 10000 loan on Aadhar Card.


Personal Loans are those loans which are taken for any urgent needs and should not be used for any speculative purpose like gambling, antimoney laundering or any terrorist activities. All other purpose can be satisfied with personal loan. Many of us takes personal loan in case of urgency like medical, education or construction of houses.

If we look 5-6 years back when taking personal loan from any bank was a tedious task and we avoid to visit branch for taking personal loan due to reluctance of bankers to give collateral free loan and also having higher rate of interest on such loans.

But now the scenario has changed, you can easily get the personal loan upto 10000 on Aadhar card from good NBFCs or from various Online apps.

We will tell you how to apply for such loans i.e. Rs. 10000 loan on Aadhar Card.

How To apply for Loan:

If you are having Good credit score and having PAN card, you can easily apply loan to your nearby bank or NBFCs. There you can contact the staff and you have to submit following essential documents to get the loan of Rs 10000 on Aadhar Card easily.

  1. Aadhar Card copy
  2. PAN Card Copy
  3. Any address proof as per banks guidelines.

Bank will process your loan and provide the money upto Rs 10000 based on Aadhar card data.

Various documents required for loan: As informed earlier, basic documents are required for processing of loan as the loan amount is very less and upto 10000, no business related document or even in some cases, no ITR copy is required for getting the loan.

Where to maintain the account to get the loan: It is not necessary that you have any account with NBFCs or bank to get loan approval but it is suggested that you go to your bank where you are maintaining the saving or current account. This way sanctioning of loan will be quite easier as they will already have your KYC documents with them.

Steps to follow for getting the 10000 loan: 

There are basically two modes of getting 10000 loan on Aadhar Card i.e. Online mode or offline mode.

Offline Mode:   

To avail offline mode of loan upto Rs 10000 on Aadhar card, you have to visit the branch and do the formality as per details given above.

Online Mode:

For online mode, you have various options as nowadays public/ private sector banks as well NBFCs are coming with online portal or apps to apply for loan based on Aadhar Card. Similarly there are various neo financial companies like Moneyview, Navi, Indialends etc which are giving loans easily through their app.

To apply for loan through bank’s website, you have to visit the bank’s website and apply for loan giving all the details about your aadhar and PAN and then submit the same. Depending upon the bank you apply, you will get instantly get the amount to your account or maximum by one day as per selection of your bank.

Important things to check to get 10000 loan on Aadhar card: 

For both cases of Offline and online loan sanction, you have to take care of following points on priority basis in order to avoid any inconvenience in future:

  1. Read all the terms and conditions of loan agreement before proceeding for the final approval.
  2. If any discrepancy or hidden facts are found, immediately stop and contact their customer care or branch manager for clarifications.
  3. Check the amount of loan getting sanctioned carefully.
  4. Most important point we miss is to check the interest rate being charged on the loan. You must check it on priority as it will effect your EMI and hence make major difference in the amount you have to payback the bank.

Utilising the money judiciously taken as 10000 loan on Aadhar card: 

It is understood that we take loan in case of emergency only through bank and hence the amount taken should be judiciously used and you have to pay it in EMI without any default to avoid any worsening of your credit score,

How to repay the amount to bank or NBFCs: 

Although the bank mentions the EMI amount that you have to pay back on monthly basis but you should aware that more time you will have the loan, more interest you have to pay the banks. Hence, you should try to make payment as earlier as you can to close the loan account.

Must know about the terms and conditions of Personal Loan:

As stated earlier, terms and conditions of any loan is very important as it will effect burden on your paying capacity as well as in case of any dispute in future, bank and you both have to refer to agreement signed at the time of sanctioning of loan,

Using genuine and established NBFCs/ app to take personal loan:

One of the most important point when applying for loan through NBFC or online app, you must take care that these app must genuine and not fake which will capture your important information like aadhar and pan data and you will not get anything but will be misutilized for fraud or spam calls.

What to do in case you are unable to pay the amount back to bank/ NBFC.:

In case you face problem in repaying the amount back to bank due to financial crunch, you may contact branch manager or call center of bank to get the tenure increased or restructure the loan to facilitate repaying the loan.

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