PNB Debit Card PIN generation online 2023

PNB Debit Card PIN generation online

PNB (Punjab National Bank) has given a great facility to their customer to generate Debit Card PIN through online modes (Green PIN). If you are a PNB customer and recently got a new Debit card, you are at the right place to know the various methods by which you can generate Online PNB Debit Card PIN

Green PIN is in the form of a One Time Password (OTP) which is received by a customer on his registered mobile. The features of the Green Pin are: a) It is an OTP of 6 numeric digits b) It is valid for 72 hours from its delivery and c) It can be used only once.

These Online Debit Card PIN Generation methods are also applicable when you have forgotten your PIN due to any reason.

So let’s start the methods of generating a Debit Card PIN online without visiting any branch. On receiving of Debit card from branch or at your home address, you have to send following message from your registered mobile number:

  • Send SMS as DCPIN <Space> <Your 16 digit card No> to 5607040 or to 9264092640.
  • On successfully delivering of your message, you will get following message from bank:

“Thank you for debit card PIN request, OTP will be delivered shortly subject to verification of details entered”

If all the details entered by you is correct, you will be 6 digit OTP on your registered mobile number.

Remember that this 6 digit OTP can be used in any online mode or at ATM for the period of 72 hours i.e. it is valid upto 3 days.

Now I will inform you about generating the Debit Card PIN using the OTP received at your mobile.

PNB Debit Card PIN Generation through IBS (Internet Banking Services)


  • User have to login in his Internet banking services through PNB Net banking Portal
  • After login in user have to select Value Added Services menu\
  • In Value Added Services – > Card Related Services.
  • Card Related Services – > Set/ Reset Debit Card PIN.
  • User have to enter the Card No, then expiry date
  • Then system will ask for 6 digit OTP received on registered mobile number of user.
  • Validating the OTP, system will prompt to enter new 4 digit PIN for Debit card and confirm the same.
  • After that Submit the form and your new PIN has been set through IBS of PNB.


PNB Debit Card PIN Generation through PNB One (Mobile Banking Application)


  • After loggin in PNB ONe, user will click on Debit Card link given on the front page of PNB One.
  • Click on Generate Green PIN.
  • Select the account number related to new card.
  • Enter the Card Number, expiry date and then 6 digit OTP received.
  • Then enter the new 4 digit PIN you want to set for new card.
  • Confirm the 4 digit PIN again.
  • Then submit and you are done.


PNB Debit Card PIN Generation through IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System)

Apart from the above 2 methods of PNB Debit PIN Generation Online, you can also use IVRS system of PNB bank wherein you can reset the debit card PIN sitting at your home and you don’t have to go to any branch or any ATM.

So lets dive deep that how to set the Debit Card PIN Online through IVRS.

  • User has to dial Customer Care number i.e. 1800-1800 or 1800-2021.
  • Then Select your language
  • Select Option for Debit card related operation
  • Select option to generate or validate OTP.
  • Validate the OTP you received on your registered mobile number.
  • Then user have to enter sixteen digit Debit Card Number in IVRS.
  • At last, enter the 4 digit new PIN for your PNB debit card and confirm it.


Above three methods were generation of PNB Debit Card PIN online and in these methods you dont have to visit any branch or ATM.

There is one more method by which you can reset/set your Debit Card PIN after getting the OTP on your mobile.

By visiting nearby PNB ATM:

  • On Visiting the ATM, you will see Create/ Change PIN (Green PIN) on ATM screen.
  • Select the option OTP Generation/ OTP Validation.
  • Enter the 6 digit OTP received on your mobile.
  • Then enter the new 4 digit Debit card PIN you want to set.
  • Confirm the new PIN in ATM machine and Submit.
  • You will get the message as “PIN Set Successfully”.


We have given four methods by which you can generate PNB Debit Card PIN online as well as last one by visiting nearby ATM.

Bank has made all the process so easy and convenient to customers that now there is rare need to visit branch for such type of activity.

Hope guys you like the above article and helped you to generate the Debit Card PIN online for PNB Bank.

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